The Real Truth Of Web Designers

From the last decade or so web designers became very popular and they have been hired to provide quality design mechanism for the websites to make it look better. Even after so much in demand web designer companies have to bear the loss of image due to some misconception about their work and culture.

This article will try to highlight some of these misconceptions and try to correct them. Here are some:

Web designers know nothing about art.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that can ever prevail about web designers Singapore. The kind of work they provide is totally a kind of art in its own sense.

Web designing is all about making things pretty, not functional.

Web designing also includes use of graphics and pictures to make the website look attractive. But that is only a small part of work that a company like do. Creative web designers make the website functionality really easy.

Web designers aren’t progressive.

This one is so false I don’t even know where to start. Web design has changed so much over the last year alone! The big push behind these changes and the group responsible for the way the web looks is�”you guessed it�”freelance web designers.

Web designers don’t work well with web developers

This is another big fake thing that prevails in the market about web designers. In reality web designers and web developers aims at a single target and do all things to achieve that target. So how can this be possible that web designers don’t work well with web developers?

Web designing is all about making huge expenses.

Well it’s not actually. You may have to incur an initial cost of designing your new website but that’s obvious. It is just like any other expense that a business might have to bear at the time of incorporation. But people interpret it wrongly.

Web designers don’t need any type of training.

This is partially true and partially false. Some of the web designers in Singapore are so naturally talented that after learning some basics of web designing they can provide the service that even an experience designer can’t provide. But such web designers are very few. Most of the web designers have to undergo some training to become professional web designers.

Web designing is easy to learn.

Learning languages of web designing like HTML, CSS etc. is just like learning Spanish, Italian etc. Every single language has its own basic and principles to work out. It’s not that easy task to recall all the methods and procedures of different languages at the time of creating web design.