Certified Used Cars Warranty in Bangalore: Everything You Needed to Know

Car certification and car warranty are parts of a process which is meant to ensure best customer satisfaction. While buying certified used cars in Bangalore is easy for Bangalore residents, many are actually worried about how to get warranted cars in Bangalore. Here’s a brief guide to help you understand the certified used cars warranty in Bangalore and how warranty usually works in the world of pre owned cars.

Difference between certification and warranty

Certification entails thorough inspection and repair of damaged parts, which gives complete peace of mind to the buyers. On the other hand, a warranty is issued after a certified pre-owned car is sold or purchased and the warranty covers future repairs and replacement of certain parts for a certain period (warranty tenure).

Can you get a warranty on a certified used car?

Warranty is issued usually by reputable dealers for certified pre owned cars only. Whether you would want to get the warranty is totally up to you. You might just opt out the warranty, but you can also get a post-purchase warranty if you want. A car warranty can bring to you a host of additional benefits, including but not limited to free repairs within the warranty tenure. While it is less likely that you will find faults in a certified used car, a warranty gives you the double coverage from the dealer.

Choose a warranty package

Not all warranty packages are similar. You can choose a warranty package based on the desired tenure and the services you want to avail. Therefore, in case a breakdown occurs within one year or six months of buying a used car, you can easily get the required assistance from the technicians appointed by the dealer. Choose your dealer carefully.