Dedicated Web Hosting Vs. Collocation Hosting Services

Web presence has become an absolute essential for every business organization of the present time. When it comes to selecting the most suitable type of web hosting then people often get confused. Among various kinds of web hosting services offered in the recent time, dedicated web hosting and collocation web hosting services have become the utmost popular types of web server hosting. Many people resemble the dedicated web hosting services with the collocation hosting services and take the wrong decision, but not anymore! Here, in this article we will discuss about the differences between these two types of web hosting services.

First of all let’s get into the details of dedicated web hosting. The name itself suggests what the dedicated web hosting is all about. Through this service the customers are provided with an entire server. In this type of hosting service the customers can enjoy the whole server, its hardware and software. The dedicated hosting allows the users to run their websites much smoothly with much higher bandwidth, security and advanced features than other types of server hosting services.

The dedicated web hosting server is available in different configurations; you need to choose the most appropriate one according to your needs and budget. While choosing a server you need to emphasize on a number of factors, like its Processor, RAM, hard-disk, Operating System, bandwidth and other software supports. The cost of a dedicated web hosting server will depend on the hardware and software configuration of that server.

On the other side, in the collocation hosting services all the hardware of the server are collected from the clients and are placed them in a data center provided by the Collocation hosting service providers. So, to avail the collocation server hosting service one needs to have his/her own hardware. Before availing this service one needs to ensure that the server will be maintained and secured in the data center space provided by the service provider.

In collocation web hosting you need to remember that there are several data centers which have measures for security and these measures are only for the software and hardware security tools and components that need to be purchased by the customers themselves.

So, needless to say that the dedicated web servers are the perfect options for hosting your website in the hassle-free manner while saving your wallet. To get the best quality service you should avail the service from a renowned hosting company only.