Magento Design For Improved Functionality And Layout Within Specified Theme

Magento is the ever-growing and biggest eCommerce platform in the world. It has a number of updates and features which made it one of the flexible solutions of e-commerce. It is reliable and scalable with a great community. It is possible to enjoy several types of marketing, management, payment and shipping options with the software. The first thing while starting a new project is to make a Magento design or theme which includes custom functions and styles. It is recommended to follow the proper recommendations and rules of the software while making the theme.

Fundamentals of Magento Theme

Themes are kept in several design packages. Many themes can be there in each package. There are 3 available packages while installing the software, such as base package, RWD and default package.

  • Base Package

There is a default theme with all the important files to work appropriately. It is not recommended to edit or delete files in the base package.

  • RWD

RWD is an entirely new project that includes a new responsive theme.

  • Default Package

This package is available only in CE edition of the software. It is possible to remove the package safely from the installation. It can be restored during an upgrade.

Themes of the Software

Magento designs or themes are readymade design for online stores to work on the basis of eCommerce platform. A download package includes different graphics, files, rich documentation and modules to make web stores. Themes for the software permit to make modifications to the appearance of an online store and also have the support for multi-language.

Open Source Platform for Ecommerce Business

The software is an open source platform for eCommerce business. All the basic functions can be enjoyed in Community edition for free. This is an ideal option for medium and small stores. The default theme is basic and a part of a free product. Some functionality is not there and designs are ordinary. To determine the ideal Magento design for a store, it is recommended to invest in templates that provide ample functions, designs and visual options.

Some Crucial Features of the Templates

Here are some important features of the templates:

  • Responsive Design

The store can be properly rendered on any device on any screen of any size. The responsive page includes a good experience of browsing of all types of devices.

  • Simple Installation Process

It is easy to install, operate and customise the designs with the help of comprehensive documentation that is provided with every layout.

  • Sophisticated Presentation of Product

The customers can choose grid and list category views with a responsive product.

Support for Multi Language

All of the website layouts are translated into a few languages like German, English, Russian, Spanish etc. This will help you cater to a broader international audience.

Magento is considered as the biggest eCommerce community in the world. Several stores are constantly looking improved functionality and designs within their themes. By searching on the Internet, it can help getting a collection of premium designs that can cater their requirements.