The Role Of Seo In Web Designing

The main aim of today’s website owners is to reach as many people across the globe quickly and to maintain their interest. Thus, apart from being appealing to the owners and online viewers, web designers should aim to have the websites they create drive more targeted traffic to the website. This is achieved by proper placement of effective SEO techniques. SEO should be considered in the core part of the website design process.

Before designing and creating the website, it is important for web designers to understand what the site is going to be about and who the intended audience is. Once this is determined, they must first determine the list of keywords that this audience is likely to use to search for the type of information provided by the website. This process should be done before designing the site so as to ensure the effective placement of these keywords to increase search engine ranking.

Keywords are most effective when placed in the domain names, on titles of web pages and in the text portions on the top half of web pages. It is also effective when used as anchor texts that link to contents similar in context to the keywords. Having a good keyword density also ensures a higher search engine ranking and increases the chances of being spotted by search engine users looking for this information.

SEO also plays a key role in web designing when used to determine how to make the page appealing to viewers and still remain search engine friendly. For instance, flash contents are very attractive to human viewers but are not detectable by search engines. Search engines also cannot read and detect graphics and Java based navigation menus. This might hinder the search bots attempt in finding the site, although they remain aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. SEO thus should be used to ensure the real need for such designs and to determine how to enhance their search engine friendliness while still using these attractive design features.

SEO provides options to web designers on how to achieve the best of both worlds. For instance, those who wish to have their titles in graphic forms or use a JavaScript based site menu need not do that at the expense of losing their search engine ranking. They could include additional measures such as adding a site map with links, using the keywords as anchor texts and still make the site more search engine friendly while being attractive to their viewers.

SEO also requires quality content to be placed on the website. The keywords should also be placed relevantly and densely around this content in order to be picked up by search bots and reach more potential viewers. Incorporation of SEO into web design would ensure that this is considered in the design process.

In conclusion, maintaining one’s online presence is as important and keeping them interested in your website. SEO achieves both of them effectively and plays an important role in today’s web design.